Dog Training for Everyday Living

Dog training isn’t just for dogs and people who compete in obedience trials. It’s for all dogs and all dog owners. What you can teach your dog is only limited to your own imagination and your dog’s abilities.

I created this website to help people train their dogs. I want to create a happy co-existing partnership for people and their canine buddies. In the long run, I hope this site keeps dogs from being abandoned and keeps a purpose in all dog owner’s lives.

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Dog Training For Living

Top Ten Benefits of Dog Training

Your dog is more pleasant to be around - No one appreciates a dog that jumps up, licks you constantly, barks non-stop, runs away and chews on the furniture. Training addresses common dog behavior problems and makes your dog welcome in your home and your hearts.

Love and Respect for the dog - The better behaved your dog is, the more proud you are of him. Other people will fall in love with and respect your dog.

Encourages a more active lifestyle - Almost all dog training requires movement on the part of you and your dog. You know what everyone is saying these days - “Get Up and Move!” If you fall in love with training (like me) you’ll be looking into more activities to do with your dog, like agility or tracking which gets you moving even more!

Give purpose to human lives - Just knowing that a little bit of training can make a huge impact in the life of the dog and the lives of their owners gives me the purpose to share my knowledge. Other people train their dogs as therapy dogs which brings joy to the hearts of hospitalized patients worldwide giving them purpose. How does dog training give you purpose in your life?

Break the ice in social situations - If you’ve ever taken a dog with you out in public, you know what I’m talking about. People are drawn to animals. With training you can take your dog out in public and you will definitely meet other animal lovers.

Dogs are less likely to be injured - Training enables more control over your dog to keep them out of harm’s way. You can call them back from a dangerous area like a busy street or ask them to stay in a safe area. Trained and exercised dogs are usually more calm and won’t injure themselves in an excited frenzy.

Dogs can rescue humans and keep us safe - This is the most noblest part of training a dog. Search and Rescue dogs are heroes and they are because of the training they’ve received. A thief will think twice before breaking into your home if you have an alert dog.

They can learn how to detect cancer - This is kind of the same as the above point (keeping us safe) but it’s one of the most awesome (I think) feats that a dog can learn to perform for us. Although this site won’t go into the details of this type of training, I believe it’s worth the mention. It’s only through training that this is accomplished.

Allow human independence through service dogs - Any dog the helps out our fellow humans is to be admired. Trained dogs help people with blindness, epilepsy, hearing impairments, and physical ailments be more independent.

More easily adopted - If you ever need to re-home your dog or situations come up where you can no longer keep your dog (and believe me, they sometimes do) a trained dog has a little bit more of an advantage over the untrained dogs of finding a new home.

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Dog Training for Living Blog
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Dogs inhabit our homes, our lives, our very souls.  They show us how to live our lives; with compassion, with vigor, with purpose. 

Share your life with a dog.