Why Is Dog Obedience Training Important?

5 Reasons Why Dog Obedience Training is Important

1. Establishes YOU as the leader without confrontation.
2. Allows Control in all situations.
3. Moving and thinking – exercise all your muscles.
4. Bonding – your dog loves you more.
5. Dog obedience training 101 - the foundation for all other training.

Follow the Leader

1. Leaders make decisions. That is essentially what you are doing when teaching obedience. You decide when and how your dog will sit. If you decide the dog is not allowed on the couch, then you need the knowledge to enforce it. Decide what training is important to you. Also decide how well you want your dog to perform this training. If sitting sideways is okay with you then your dog won’t need to know how to sit straight. If you are competing in Obedience then a straight sit is very important. The more you teach your dog, the better behaved he will be. This establishes you as a leader in your dog's eyes.

Dog Obedience Training

Control Freak

2. Dog trainers are secretly control freaks and we know it. Some admit to it and others don’t, but we all know this is true. :) Me, I just think it’s wonderful when the dogs listen to me. Being in control of your dog is not a bad thing. Most people don’t like it when dogs chew on the table legs, jump up on guests, (especially the guest), or chase after the neighbor’s cat (you would think the cat would know by now). Dog obedience training helps establish desirable behaviors. With dogs, training influences their choices. If they know there may be a tiny chance that they will get rewarded for sitting, then they will choose to obey a command. Like children, dogs need to know their boundaries. If dogs are allowed to run the house, they will. Although you are never truly in control of your dog, meaning he always has a choice to respond, you can lesson the risk of unwanted behaviors through training.

Learning Curves and Curvy Bods

3. Teaching your dog requires him to think. Learning something new is like solving a puzzle for your dog. "What exactly is my owner trying to teach me?" When your dog doesn’t “get it” you may have to be creative and come up with better ways to teach something. Heeling exercises require movement. This benefit also crosses over to you the handler. Although your movement may not be quite as much as your dogs, you are still getting physical exercise moving and walking around with your dog during training. I tell you what, a couple of times around the block and my legs are burning. But honestly my dogs get way more physical exercise than me. ;)

I Love You!

4. Praising and rewarding your dog strengthens the bond between you and your dog. The more you work with him, the more confident he becomes. He wants to try new things and looks to you for guidance.Watching your dog perform the things you've taught him, is extremely gratifying. That is, if he does them right. If not, then it's back to the training session. There's nothing like seeing your hard work pay off. And your dog loves to spend time with you. That's why dog obedience training bonds your dog to you. Unless the training is harsh and your dog doesn't like it too much. It's good to strive to make training sessions fun for you and your dog.

Star Student

5. If your dog knows how to sit, then your one step closer to teaching your dog how to lie down. If your dog will lie down, then your one step closer to teaching rollover. There are a lot of useful tricks and behaviors that can be taught from all of the training commands of obedience. The most important thing to teach your dog is how to learn something new. The old adage “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is a myth. Barring physical limitations, old dogs can be taught a variety of new things. But you will also notice them relying on the behaviors that get them rewarded in the past.

Teaching a dog to “keep trying” expands the behaviors offered by your dog and it opens up opportunities for you to turn those behaviors into a model canine citizen.

As you can see, dog obedience training plays a vital role in the education and skills for a well-behaved dog.

Useful Dog Training Commands

Lay Down

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