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After taking a sabbatical from teaching dog obedience classes to raise my human babies, I’ve returned to training dogs. I’m back as Dog Superintendent with our county 4-H program to help our local youth learn more about training and caring for their dogs.

Ava and I - dog training

This program is dear to me as this is where I formally started learning about training dogs. I’m passing along my knowledge and hopefully my passion to future dog trainers.

Before my time off, I spent 7 years teaching dog obedience classes to the local area and to the youth enrolled in the 4-H dog project. I also assisted several youths in acquiring and training puppies as Assistance Dogs for the disabled as part of their 4-H dog project.

Along with other dog professionals in the area, we conducted mini-workshops about dog behavior and basic training, grooming and general dog care.

I’ve organized and held an AKC Canine Good Citizen test, participated in various training demonstrations including agility, attended a professional dog trainer’s conference, a temperament testing workshop for shelter dogs, and competed in obedience trials and dog shows.

For several years, I was invited to teach elementary grade school children about dog behavior and how to prevent dog bites.

As of this writing (2012) I have four dogs that share my home.

My oldest dog, Sadie, is an English springer spaniel. She’s 16 years old! She’s was my “Example Dog” for many years. Now she’s retired from training and is happy to hang out and be loved for the rest of her days.

Sadie, English Springer Spaniel

Maya, the Chihuahua/Pug mix, I picked up from a shelter. We wanted to have a smaller dog we could take with us when we traveled. She’s a feisty little dog, but absolutely loves people

Maya, Chihuahua-Pug

I also have Ava, a Field Spaniel. She’s almost 7 years old now. I got her during my sabbatical, so she hasn’t been out in the public much. She’s still a real sweetie.

Ava - Field Spaniel

Our most recent addition is Sage the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. My husband grew up with Chessie’s so when a friend offered to get us a puppy, we just couldn’t say no. She’s a real gem and competed in 4-H last year. This year she will be my newest “Example Dog.”

Sage, Chesapeake Bay Retreiver

I hope you enjoy my site, but most of all, I hope you start enjoying training your own dogs. If you work at it a little each day, your dog will be the best trained dog on the block!

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