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Training a dog can be a very rewarding experience. The best part of dog training is when you see the wheels turning in your dog’s head and the “light bulb” turns on. Your dog “Gets It!”

Practice is paramount in learning new things. The more you practice the better you get and the better behaved your dog will be. To help you spend more time working with your dog, I’ve made this special Blog Page to keep you up-to-date with new training ideas.

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Happy Training!

Dog Training Techniques - Which one is for you and your dog?

Different dog training techniques may help when working with your dog.

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A Clicker May Help or Hinder Your Training

The clicker is a little noise maker that is used as a marker in operant conditioning training. Explore types of clickers and what can work as a substitute in a pinch.

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Dog Chewing and Puppy Biting

Stop dog chewing when your dog is a puppy

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Training Your Dog to Sit

Sit made easy - a step-by-step guide on training your dog to sit.

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Dogs inhabit our homes, our lives, our very souls.  They show us how to live our lives; with compassion, with vigor, with purpose. 

Share your life with a dog.