Dog Collars for All Occasions

Dog collars are the most basic necessity for dog ownership. They can make a statement about you and your dog. They can help identify your dog if he should become lost.

They can be seasonal, practical, fancy or rugged. They make it easier to hold on to your dog.

A collar has four purposes. Restrain, correct, reward and identify. Most training collars are designed to give corrections. With the popularity of positive reinforcement training, collars that give rewarding tones have been developed.

I like to change my dogs’ collars with the seasons and the holidays. There are some great designs available!

Types of collars

dog training collars - Which collar should you use for training? Does your dog have a behavior problem that needs corrected? Take a look at the various collars and their uses to determine which one is best for your situation.

bark collars - These collars are sound activated to deliver a correction to your dog when your dog barks too loudly. The correction can be a mild electric shock or a spritz of citrus spray.

dog training shock collar - Also known as electronic or e-collars, these collars are probably the most controversial subject among dog trainers. The key is knowing when and how to use these collars.

nylon dog training collars - These are similar to the chain collars or choke collars, but are made of nylon. Martingale collars are a combination-type collar.

tracking collars - Collars equipped with GPS technology that allows owners to track their pooches from a website.

spiked dog collars - These collars are mostly a novelty today but stem from a violent past. The do become practical with certain working-type dogs.

leather dog collars - Soft leather is gentle on your dog’s neck and durable too. These collars are sometimes a little more expensive but they won't wear out as fast as nylon.

dog training collar review - Are you wondering if a particular training collar really works? Do you have a favorite collar? Or do you have some collar mishaps? Tell us about your favorite, or not-so-favorite training collars here.

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