Dog Training Collar Review

A good dog training collar review should help you decide if a dog collar is worth buying. They should tell something about the quality and craftsmanship and if it actually works.

I’ve had a few favorite collars since I’ve started training dogs. One of my favorites is a chrome Herm Sprenger* chain collar that is wonderful! The links are welded (not pinched), it has a smooth action and hasn’t seen a spot of rust yet and I’ve had it about 16 years.

Dog Collar

I’ve also seen some chain collars that weren’t so great. The links were big and knobby and the action was rough and wouldn’t release properly. The links were pinched and would catch and break the dog’s fur.

I’ve learned through the years that spending a little extra money for better quality products really makes a difference in the outcome. And this applies to more than just dog training equipment.

If you’re wondering if a particular training collar really works it’s always helpful to hear about other people’s experiences with it.

There are a variety of collars and there’s always something new and better.

Make sure you are using the right collar for the results you’d like to see.

If your dog continually pulls on the leash with a nylon buckle collar, you may need to switch to a slip collar until your dog learns not to pull.

Review any type of collar whether it’s a slip collar, martingale, electronic collar, bark collar, etc.

Some things to keep in mind when writing your review:

  • What problems (if any) were you having with your dog before you bought your collar?
  • Did the collar help?
  • Did it break?
  • Do you still use the collar?
  • Was the collar hard to use?
  • What brand of collar are you using?
  • Did the collar come with any instructions?
  • Were the instructions easy or complicated?

Although it may not be necessary to include answers to all of the above questions, the more information you can give the more helpful the review.

*Herm Sprenger is a German metal-working company.

Your Dog Training Collar Review

Do you have a favorite training collar?

Maybe you have some training collar mishaps.

Tell us about your experiences or read what other dog trainers have to say.

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