The Second Most Important
Tool for Training

Dog leashes can be as simple as a rope or as fancy as fine jewels. They can be made of nylon, leather, or chains. They can be long or short. They can even be somewhat mechanical. What they really are is an extension of your arm. It helps to guide and correct your dog while training and confines the dog to an area close by you.

It is one of the most important and necessary tools for dog ownership. Even if you don’t train your dog (Gasp!) most cities and towns have laws that require your dog to be on a lead while in public areas.

Choosing a lead is mostly a personal preference, but there are definitely some things to consider when it’s time to buy.

The first and foremost is comfort for your hands. If your dog likes to pull, a chain lead will shred your hands. I guarantee that you will not be able to hold onto the little handle and you will invariably reach down and grab hold of the chain if your dog is a puller.

Nylon can burn your hand if your dog likes to pull. Cotton can burn too. Leather is a good choice for pulling dogs. Or maybe a harness and a sled would be better suited to your dog.

Leather leads that are braided on the ends look really nice. Sometimes the braids have a tendency to stretch and unravel.

What is the intended purpose?

Showing, tracking, and obedience all require a different style of lead. A show lead should compliment your dog and not draw attention away from him.

Tracking requires the use of long lines to help get some distance between the dog and handler without disturbing the scent trail.

Obedience requires a 6’ lead made of nylon or leather. A short “tab” works great for transitioning to off-lead work or working with strong, large dogs.

If you are just leisurely walking your dog a Flexi-Lead may be all you need.

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