Puppy Training 101

Puppy training is both entertaining and challenging. The goofiness of puppies makes you laugh out loud but their short attention span can be frustrating. Everything is new to your pup and socializing her will help her feel comfortable in the world. The more things you introduce to your pup, the more calm and stable she will be.

Of course your puppy should be taught the basics of training, but they need to learn things that older dogs already know.

On the top of the list is housebreaking or potty training. Or, if you live in a small apartment in the city, litter box training might be better. Crate training is highly recommended when potty training your dog.

Puppies also need to chew on things. This is a given. We need to teach them what they can and cannot chew on. Puppies explore their world with their mouths and they use their mouths to play. This can lead to “mouthing” your hands and even play biting. And those little teeth can be sharp! Puppies need to learn to keep their teeth off your skin. And yes, it’s easier said than done!

When you first bring home your puppy, she will be missing her mama and her litter mates. You will need to help her cope with her separation. She may bark, whine and cry for a couple of nights. She will also need to know when it’s appropriate to bark and when it is not appropriate.

There will be a lot of “firsts” for your puppy. The first time wearing a collar, the first time walking on a leash, the first bath, the first ear cleaning, the first toenail clipping, the first grooming, first time with the vacuum cleaner and so on.

Training will help her adjust to all of these new experiences. Really good dog breeders will already have given their puppies some of these experiences and even started some basic obedience. Our Chesapeake puppy would sit in front of us when called - already at the age of 8 weeks! This was something the breeder worked on with her.

That is how puppies get a good start in life. Dedicated breeders and owners who will take the time to start puppy training early in their dog’s life...

And that makes all of our lives easier!

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