Training Your Dog to Sit

Methods for Training Your Dog to Sit

Method 1 - Puppy Training - No Treats - No Collar or Leash
For pups 8 weeks to 12 weeks

When training your dog to sit, start in an environment that is calm, somewhat quiet, and has minimal distractions. Your living room, kitchen, or a quiet backyard would work great. We’re not looking for a meditation room/area, unless that’s the way your house normally is. It’s harder for your dog to focus on the training task say if the kids and their friends are wandering around the training area.

Get down on the ground with your dog and call him over to you. Do not let your dog crawl onto your lap.

Place one hand on your dog’s chest. Place your other hand on the dog’s back and slide it down the back and past the tail so that your hand is on the dog’s hindquarter’s.

Simultaneously put pressure on the dog’s chest, kind of holding him up and put pressure on the hindquarters cupping the dog into the sit position.

Give the command “Sit” when you dog is sitting.

Praise your dog. (“Good girl/boy!” or “Yes!”)

Remove your hands. The puppy will automatically get up. Repeat.


My puppy won’t quit biting my hands when I try this!

Spray your hands with a bitter spray. Your puppy will learn quickly that your hands taste horrible. Use this to discourage puppy biting in any situation.

My puppy runs away!

See Collar and Leash Training. (After you click, scroll down just a bit to Leash Training.)

Method 2 - Puppy Training - With Treats - No Collar or Leash
For pups or dogs of any age

Again, a quiet area is best for training something new. This time we will have some training treats with us.

Place a treat in your hand. Show the puppy that you have the treat. Hold the treat at the dog's nose and move it slowly back over his head toward the ears. This puts the puppy off-balance and he will naturally sit in order to keep his eyes on the treat.

Give the puppy the treat when his rear-end get to the floor. Repeat several times.

Now let's add the command. When your puppy's butt is sitting, say "Sit." Then give the treat. Do this 5 to 10 times.

Now we will give the command and wait for the sit. Try not to say the command more than once. You're dog did hear you the first time. It may take a few moments, but your puppy will remember how to get the treat and sit accordingly.

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